Diet Strategies for Controlling Endometriosis
Controlling endometriosis effectively can be achieved by using drug beats by dre sale therapy, but a lot of women are turning to good nutrition as a way to supplement treatment and build a stronger and healthier body.
While treatment and results vary, there are many women who report improvement and reduced severity of symptoms by simply changing their diet.
But before you scour the supermarket for the right foods and supplements, here are some things you should know.
No food or diet regimen is a cure for endometriosis:
Some researchers think that too much estrogen causes all the trouble, while others believe a weak immune system is to blame. Whatever may be the real cause, it is beats by dre headphones important for women to stick to a well rounded diet and nutrition program to ensure a truly healthy body that can efficiently regulate hormones, sustain the immune system and control symptoms of endometriosis.
Using diet and nutrition to control endometriosis symptoms:
Ralph Golan, M. D., author of Optimal Wellness, suggests a diet of whole foods. He also recommends women stay away from fats, salt, sugar, dairy products and caffeine. These types of food deplete the body's store of B vitamins and can prevent the liver from functioning properly. The liver is essential for regulating the body's hormones and B vitamins to help lower levels of estrogen.
Another change to diet that might be an effective way of controlling endometriosis is to cut down on red meat and meat products. Hormones are often given to beats by dre animals that are raised and slaughtered commercially, not to mention the saturated fats that are found in meat.
Naturopathic physician Barbara Silbert of Massachusetts suggests replacing meat with soy products such as tofu and miso, and including foods that are rich in fiber in the diet. Soy products contain compounds that regulate levels of estrogen in the body and a high fiber diet helps ease any pain from bowel movements if endometrial tissue affects the area.

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